Our Story

Benjamin Paul Little moved to Charleston, South Carolina, in 2014 from his home state of Mississippi with a carpentry fellowship he had earned after college. Shortly after his move he was making simple tables out of reclaimed wood and burnished steel, and in the almost-decade since then, Benjamin Paul Studio has grown into a full-service furniture, millwork, and metalworking studio. Ben and his incredibly supportive wife Meredith, along with their children Lovely and Noble, are happy to call Charleston home.

Our Principles

Our studio is founded on three key principles of design: beauty, simplicity, and versatility. Our benchmade furniture is designed with the future in mind, and built to become family heirlooms to be well-loved for generations. With our custom cabinetry and metal projects, we create tailor-made designs to fit the most precise dimensions of any space, freeing the client to relax in practical comfort.

“For me, design is a way to put something beautiful into a chaotic world....to take something from my head and use my hands to create it. It’s a life practice and a way to care for others, to build a piece with my clients well being in mind, to think beyond just how table or a bench functions but to recognize its function as a backdrop for the story of their life -- because a good story needs a good setting.”
-Ben Little, Designer / Founder

Our Team

In the years since the studio was founded, our company has grown from a solo endeavor into a team of dedicated craftspersons and customer experience specialists. We’re grateful to have decades of combined experience across all facets of carpentry and furniture design, custom cabinetry, and metalwork.

Our Ethos of Sustainable Practices

We firmly believe in the idea of being a good ancestor, which means being entrepreneurs and makers that steward our world in a way that honors and cherishes those who come after us. We believe that putting beauty into the world should not come at the cost of taking beauty out of it, and that quality should be savored, enjoyed, and shared with others -- because we don't need more stuff, we need better stuff.

Because of this commitment to sustainable quality we give careful consideration to practicing safety and sustainability in our workshop. We only source raw materials from FSC certified mills and prioritize the use of natural, plant based oils in our finishing processes. 

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