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Our Story

Mississippi native Ben Little moved to Charleston, South Carolina, in 2014 with a fellowship he had earned after college. Shortly after his move he was making simple tables out of reclaimed wood and burnished steel. Within one year he was married to his beautiful, unreasonably supportive wife, Meredith Wade Little. Within two years he opened his first studio located in North Charleston's historic Navy Shipyards. In May 2019, he and Meredith welcomed their daughter, Lovely Claire.

our principles

Benjamin Paul Studio emphasizes beauty, simplicity, and versatility. Our commercial and hospitality furniture will move your clients or guests to relax and linger, freeing you to do what you do best. Our benchmade residential furniture will be family heirlooms for generations.

“For me, design is a way to put something beautiful into a chaotic world....to take something from my head and use my hands to create it. It’s a life practice and a way to care for others, to build a piece with my clients well being in mind, to think beyond just how table or a bench functions but to recognize its function as a backdrop for the story of their life -- because a good story needs a good setting.”
-Ben Little, Designer / Founder

Sustainability and Human Flourishing

We firmly believe in the idea of being a good ancestor, which means being entrepreneurs and makers that steward our world in a way that honors and cherishes those who come after us. We believe that putting beauty into the world should not come at the cost of taking beauty out of it, and that quality should be savored, enjoyed, and shared with others -- because we don't need more stuff, we need better stuff. 

    Because of this commitment to sustainable quality we give careful consideration to practicing safety and sustainability in our workshop. We only source raw materials from FSC certified mills and prioritize the use of natural, plant based oils in our finishing processes. Additionally, a portion of all our sales are donated to organizations that work for social and economic equality, like the Equal Justice Initiative.

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